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Boston University, B.A. in Biological Sciences, 1968

University of Vermont College of Medicine, M.S. & Ph.D. in Pharmacology, 1968-72

Kansas University Medical Center, Fellowship, Clinical Pharmacology/Toxicology, 1972-3

Work Experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr. Benjamin has twelve years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Conducting Clinical Drug Studies, Evaluating Adverse Drug Reactions, Writing Labeling, and Filing INDs and NDAs with the FDA.


Dr. Benjamin has more than 230 Presentations and Publications listed on his full CV, including a book chapter entitled “Forensic Pharmacology” in Forensic Science Handbook Volume III. This textbook was reviewed by the Journal of Forensic Sciences and described as follows: “This third volume follows what has become a tradition of in depth chapters written by recognized forensic experts . . . . Forensic science practitioners and attorneys who interact with them, in either the criminal or civil areas, will find this collection of learned treatises a required addition to their professional library,” and an updated second edition was publish in 2010.

Teaching Experience

Northeastern University School of Pharmacy, Adjuct Associate Professor (2005-Present)

Boston University School of Medicine, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Biomedical Forensic Sciences Program, Forensic Toxicology, 2006.

Tufts Medical School – Legal Medicine, Reducing Medication Errors, Clinical Pharmacology, Psychopharmacology, Forensic Pharmacology, Scientific Writing and the Scientific Method – 1994 to 2001; Adjunct Assistant Professor -2001-05; Guest lecturer 2001-present.

Tufts Health Care Institute – Grant writing and teaching (2001-2005)

Harvard Medical School Risk Management Program, Legal Medicine & Reducing Medication Errors 1999 to 2006; 2012

George Washington University Law School – Scientific Evidence – 1999-2005; 2007-2013

Harvard School of Public Health – Occupational Health & Toxic Chemical Exposures; Update on Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Federal Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedures 1995-present;

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Sciences, Adjunct Associate Professor of Regulatory Affairs & Health Policy – 1999 – 2000;

Stetson University College of Law – Medical Jurisprudence Course -1990, 1997-01; Scientific Evidence, 2013.

Fordham Law School – Food and Drug Law and Public Policy Issues – April 1994-5;

Federal Bureau of Investigation;

United States Secret Service;

Harvard Medical School – Risk Management Seminar: Are You at Risk?- January 1995;

ABA/NHTSA Seminar for Judges – Breathalyzer and Blood Alcohol, Field Sobriety Testing, Urine Drug Screening and Drug Recognition Testing – April 30, 1999;

Traffic Adjudication Seminar for Florida Judges – Understanding Breathalyzer Testing & Alcohol Toxicology – 1999 to 2006;

Traffic Law Enforcement Conference for Kentucky Judges – Pharmacology & Toxicology of Ethanol, Breathalyzer Testing; Urine and Blood Drug Testing; Field Sobriety Testing – April 4, 2005.

Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys – Operating Under the Influence Seminar – October 1994;

Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education – OUI – 2/13/96; Liquor Liability 1996, 1998 & 2006

Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education – Understanding the Analysis of Blood and Urine Samples for Drug Abuse -1994/95;

Conference of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants – The Interface of Drug Product Liability and Medical Malpractice – May 1995;

ATLA’s National College of Advocacy – Paralegal Program – Statistics, Science and Using the Medical Literature – June 1995;

American College of Clinical Pharmacology, Chair, Education Committee, 2000 to 2004; Chair, Teaching Forum, 2000 to 2004; .

American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians – Risk Management; Reducing Medication Errors.

American Academy of Forensic Sciences – Forensic Sciences; Interpreting Drug Blood Levels; Scientific Evidence, Daubert and Frye, Federal Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedure, and many more topics.

American College of Legal Medicine – Risk Management Strategies for Reducing Medication Errors; Removal of Drugs from the Market; Direct-to-Consumer Advertising and the Learned Intermediary Doctrine (2006).

American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants – Ethanol Toxicology, Removal of Drugs from the Market, and Forensic Toxicology for LNCs, 2005; 2006; Northeast Regional Meeting, 2012.